Windows PE SP2 (Preinstallation Environment)

Posted By: pete2004
Windows PE SP2 (Preinstallation Environment)
The Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) makes IT professionals more productive by providing powerful preparation and installation tools for Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. With Windows PE, IT staff can build custom solutions that speed deployment through automation, so they spend less time and effort keeping desktops updated.

Windows PE offers many features and advantages:
• Be more prepared: IT professionals can more easily prepare to deploy and support Windows desktops and servers, while making recovery efforts less time-consuming and more productive.
• Save time and focus on critical tasks: Engineers have the ability to inject mass-storage, networking, audio, video, and other types of device drivers directly into an existing copy of Windows PE, so IT professionals no longer need to customize MS-DOS-bootable disks.
• Streamline processes: IT professionals can format disks with NTFS without using third-party utilities. Also, the file-system utilities that Windows PE provides are scriptable, so your administrators can completely automate the hard disk preparation process.
• Maintain easy network access: Windows PE provides network access comparable to Windows XP. In fact, Windows PE provides the same network drivers that come with Windows XP, allowing your IT professionals to access the network quickly and easily.
• Customize easily: Because Windows PE is based on Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003, your IT professionals are already familiar with the techniques and tools used to customize Windows PE. They can customize it for a variety of scenarios including deployment, test and diagnostic, recovery, and other support-related tasks.

~206MB - iso file inside zip