abylon CRYPTDRIVE ver.

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abylon CRYPTDRIVE ver.
Abylon CRYPTDRIVE ver. |6,9 MB

Protect your data against illegal access with the abylon CRYPTDRIVE. The encrypted drives (AES- or Blowfish-algorithm) can be open with passwords, chip card, USB-Token, CD or certificate (PKCS) and use like a normal drive in the File Explorer. During every file operation the encryption works transparently in the background and nearly without time delay. In case of losing your notebook, the closed drives are invisible and secure like a safe.

Network-compatible, container-based encrypted dives
Encryption with Blowfish- (448 Bit) or AES-Algorithm (256 Bit)
Access with password, chip card, USB-token, CD or certificate
Automatic encryption for programs and files
Only open drives are visible in the File Explorer