Acoustica ver.4.00 build 328

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Acoustica 4 comes with a brand new user interface with customizable menus and toolbars. Acoustica 4 runs perfectly under Windows Vista and supports VST plug-ins. The new real-time analyzers allow you to monitor the audio output visually.
The greatly improved Cleaning Wizard now allows more detailed editing and makes it even easier to transfer old recordings to CDs. With the integrated digital emulation of a phono preamplifier, there is no longer a need for an external phono preamplifier. The record player can be connected directly to the sound card of your computer.

New Features

Here are some of the new features in Acoustica 4.0:

* Compatible with Windows Vista
* Supports VST effects.
* Real-time analyzers lets you analyze the output audio like a professional, including lever meter with RMS, peak and peak hold, FFT analyzer, phase correlation meter and a big time display.
* The new user interface supports customizable toolbars, menus and window positioning.
* Integrated Limiter
* New declipper restores audio recordings that suffer from digital or analog clipping.
* The declicker includes a new decrackle option that eliminates short but frequent clicks (crackle) more efficiently.
* Integrated phono preamplifier emulator eliminates the need for an external phono preamplifier when connecting record players to the sound card
* Greatly improved Cleaning Wizard guides you through all the steps from connection of the stereo equipment and recording to restoration and CD burning.