ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit ver.3.2

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ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit ver.3.2

ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit ver.3.2 | 17,1 MB

ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit (TDK) is the essential set of tools for rapid development and delivery of professional quality Tcl applications on AIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and Windows. TDK is the upgrade path for users of the original TclPro, featuring new and enhanced functionality.

TDK enables you to rapidly deploy applications in multiple formats to a broad range of platforms, while protecting your code with the pre-compiler. The new user interfaces make options clearer and more visible, helping you to get the most out of the tools.

The 3.2 release adds valuable enhancements to existing tools. To improve application quality and performance, the complete set of analysis tools includes code coverage, profiling, and static analysis cross-referencing. The cross-platform Virtual File System Explorer helps you to avoid deployment problems associated with components and versions by enabling you to browse the contents of Starkits and Starpacks.

TDK supports the latest version of Tcl.

Available as a standalone product or with ActiveTcl Pro Studio, which offers a complete suite of professional Tcl tools, updates, and comprehensive Tcl resources.
New in TDK 3.2

* Support for AIX
* Removed the embedded ActiveTcl distribution. The Tcl Dev Kit applications now work with any (Active)Tcl installation they find.
* Removed the Tcl Browser Plugin component.
* TclApp and TclVFSE can now modify Win32 basekit resource information.
* Bug fixes for the tools