ADG Panorama Tools v5.2.0.24

Posted By: Kalamata
ADG Panorama Tools v5.2.0.24

ADG Panorama Tools v5.2.0.24 | 2.9MB

ADG Panorama Tools is a panorama stitching software for Internet publishing, printing and interactive viewing. It automatically combines a series of individual photos so seamlessly that they together form impressive 360-degree panorama composition. Just watching the Auto Stitching process is a lot of fun. The program shows in live action how it connects the images by tilting and sliding them a little. This digital panorama is displayed in a web browser and allows the viewer to scroll through the image. No additional plug-ins required.

* Creates 360-degree panoramas
* Automatically aligns images (Auto-stitching)
* Automatically warps images into true cylindrical view
* Automatically blends & corrects colors (Auto-blending & color-matching)
* Automatically corrects brightness along panoramic image
* Automatically corrects contrast of panoramic image
* Automatically calculation of optimal output image resolution
* Automatically lens detection
* Automated panorama embedding into the web page
* Automatically calling of stitching and Web preview
* Adjustment of panoramic image resolution
* Adjustment of panoramic image compresson
* Adjustment of images order and rotation.
* Interactive 3D Editor for photos alignment and lens/tilt adjustment
* Output files format: ADG, QTVR, JPEG
* Source files format: JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, BMP, GIF
* Single panoramic image import
* Input image EXIF format support
* TWAIN-32 import from scanners and digital cameras
* No restrictions on single size of all input images
* Saves projects to work on later
* Customized user interface
* Output image bilinear filtration
* Vertical camera movement perspective correction
* Mouse, wheel and keyboard control
* Javascript control
* 3D hardware support