Adolix eCover Engineer v5.0

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Adolix eCover Engineer v5.0

Adolix eCover Engineer v5.0 | Windows | 5.18 MB |

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The first impression is very important for a potential customers. And the first thing that they encounter when they meet your product is the ecover. That's right! . And for many of them this is the moment they decide to proceed or to search for another product. If you have a beautiful ecover or software box, they are half convinced. But there is another problem. A professional cover for software costs hundreds. Some of them need to be updated. Why spend so much money on something that you can do for free with an ecover generator software like eCover Engineer. Why waste precious time on something that you can do in a few minutes with an ecover generator product. Design your ebook covers or your software box with minimum costs. Use our free templates to create amazing covers for your products.


* Ability to create a standard box, ebook cover, thin box, wide box, custom box, CD/DVD Case, ebook, spiral notebook, wide spiral notebook, box with 2 books, Box with 3 books, Box with 4 books, magazine
* Real-time 3D Editing and Rendering
* High image quality
* Ability to import BMP, JPG files, PSD files and almost any type of image
* Ability to resize the width, height and depth of the eCover
* Ability to rotate, roll and resize the eCover
* Improved camera rotation / movement. Now users can rotate the camera along its X, Y and Z axis relative to the center of the eCover
* Improved light source rotation / movement. Now users can rotate the camera along its X, Y and Z axis relative to the center of the eCover
* Shadow effect
* Ability to specify floor's texture and background color
* Ability to show / hide the shadow and the light source
* Ability to select between speed and quality
* Ability to specify the light color, which will affect the look of the eCover
* Ability to show the X, Y, Z axes, which helps to a better positioning of the light source and camera
* Easily save and open eCovers and templates using buttons and the menu. The templates are files that save only the settings of the eCovers (box, camera and light source position, light color etc)
* Easily send by email the saved eCovers, templates and output images
* Great BMP image quality
* Multi language support: English, French, German, Brazilian, Russian, Romanian, Japanese
* Improved help documentation
* Built-in editor with the following features:

- Provides all the features of Paintbrush (the picture editor included in Microsoft Windows)
- 14 image filters
- 5 border styles
- 7 fill styles

System requirements

* Pentium® III 900 Mhz
* 512 MB RAM
* 50 Mb HDD Space
* 3D capable video card


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