ADSL Reconnect 2003

Posted By: griva
Program features :

* Automatical VPN reconnection for low-cost ADSL
* Automatical DASHBOARD connection (where applicable)
* Automatical Dynamic DNS update - your own DNS on dynamical IP. (e.g. points to your computer)
* Statistics / speed monitor, troughput
* And many more…

Program versions :

ADSL Reconnect and ADSL Service

ADSL Reconnect is windows application with taskbar notification used mostly on single-computer connected throught ADSL. It works on Windows 98,ME,NT,2000,XP,2003 and it has even taskbar speed icon which provides actual speed drawing on taskbar.

ADSL Service is a windows service which has build-in webserver to manage and view program details. It is designed for home or small bussiness network and it should be installed on "internet" server (Supported OS - Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003)
It can be reached from any part of network using your browser.