AdventNet ManageEngine Wifi Manager v5.0

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AdventNet ManageEngine Wifi Manager v5.0

AdventNet ManageEngine Wifi Manager v5.0 | Win32 |Size: 25.08 MB

ManageEngine WiFi Manager is enterprise-class software for centralized management and security of Wireless LANs. It enhances the availability and security of your WLANs by continuously monitoring the network as well as the airspace. WiFi Manager can detect almost all major wireless threats including rogue attacks, intrusions, sniffers, DoS attacks, and vulnerabilities. It can also save your time by enabling you configure hundreds of access points at one click. With WiFi Manager you'll have complete control over your wireless devices as well as your airspace, and more time to focus on core IT operations.

Use WiFi Manager To

* Identify rogue wireless devices
* Know who is using your WLAN
* Know what access points are connected to your WLAN
* Monitor your WLAN devices
* Monitor Access Point bandwidth utilization
* Configure your WLAN Access Points
* Enhance and enforce wireless LAN security.
* Proactively manage the network problems before they impact the network.
* Identify network bottlenecks, reduce downtime, and to improve network health and performance.
* Troubleshoot network problems.
* Capture and decode wireless traffic for testing and troubleshooting.
* Upgrade firmware, schedule upgrades, and audit them.
* Enforce no WLAN policy.

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