Audiotouch Lite v2.0

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Audiotouch Lite v2.0

Audiotouch Lite v2.0

Audiotouch Lite v2.0

Easy to Learn and Use
We created Audiotouch Lite for people who need to record audio without needing an extensive manual. The interface is designed to be clean and simple, and most importantly, comfortable.

Recording is Effortless
Audiotouch Lite takes a totally different approach to the record/playback method. Instead of individually recording and saving each sound file like with typical sound recording applications, with Audiotouch Lite, you simply press and release the record button. One-touch recording… the ease you will only find in Audiotouch Lite. Your recording is automatically saved to disk and numbered sequentially, so you can immediately go on recording another file, without worrying about the monotonous process of record & save. The files are stored in a folder that you can optionally specify, which is synchronized with your Windows desktop. This allows you to easily play/further manipulate your Audiotouch Lite recordings with other software.

Multiple Source Recording & Adjustable Sound Quality
With multiple sound quality options and support for any input source (that your sound card is capable of), you gain access to a wealth of recording options. The sound quality options allow you to have crystal clear recordings of CD/DVD sound, voice quality, or even internet quality, allowing you to easily send your recordings over the internet. You can even record any sound that is sent to your speakers (streaming music/radio shows, CD audio, DVD audio, games, MIDI, and much more). The sound format used by Audiotouch Lite is supported on all computer platforms and most audio software.

Playback with Audiotouch Lite is as easy as recording! The sounds you record are kept in a list in the all-in-one interface, so you can easily play them back one at a time or in a batch, like an instant playlist.

Full Functional Demo Available
Go ahead and give Audiotouch a try. It can easily be installed/uninstalled, and the demo has complete functionality, so you can see just what your buying, should you decide to purchase the unlocked version. Download Now!

Suggested Uses
• Great for schools - language tutoring, etc.
• Quick voice recordings for fun…not just at party-time either
• Make recordings of on-line radio shows
• Customize your computer's sound sets
• Keep your precious vinyl music safeguarded / transfer to CD
• Capture your pet's antics
• Keep those baby gurgles forever
• Email family and friends a birthday greeting or a quick "hello"
• Prepare and time your speech for a function or seminar
• Create perfect audio for your PowerPoint presentation
• Record the teacher or speaker, instead of writing notes
• Leave yourself, or someone else, a reminder message
• Think out loud - brainstorm key ideas/concepts/thoughts before you write them down
• Explain office procedures that need to be done while you are on vacation or for a new employee




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