Alcohol 120%

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Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120% | 6,12 Mb

Alcohol 120% is one of the hottest products in the CD-R scene! You could say is a combination of the famous CloneCD, Daemon Tools and BlindWrite. Alcohol has 3 kinds of functionality:
• It duplicates your CD/DVDs: Alcohol handles copy protections and it has easy presets for each kind of task: Playstation (1&2), SecuROM, ProtectCD, SafeDisc, VideoCD..
• It burns your CD images: Supported image types are BIN/CUE, CloneCD, BlindWrite, ISO, DiscJuggler, Nero
• It mounts CD images as virtual drives: You can use CDs directly from image files on your HD and enjoy much faster speed. It emulates copy protections. You can use this also to use your downloaded images without burning!
All this is very neatly packaged to a compact and very easy to use user interface. I can honestly say that it is the easiest program of i?s kind and still possibly the most advanced.

Alcohol 120%

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