Anapod Explorer v 8.9.7 [iTunes ALTERNATIVE]

Posted By: avaxhomefan
Anapod Explorer v 8.9.7 [iTunes ALTERNATIVE]

Windows Integration

* Robust kernel architecture for flexibility, stability, and performance.
* Full integration with Windows Explorer.
* iPod appears in My Computer.
* Navigate iPod using normal Explorer operations.
* Integration with left pane folder tree, menu bar, address bar, tool bar, status bar, keyboard shortcuts and context menus.
* Sortable right-pane columns.
* Transfer using SendTo menu, standard Copy and Paste, or standard drag and drop.
* Quick systray access to device.
* Full support for XP visual themes.
* Accessibility features for blind users.

Connection Management

* Anapod auto-detects your iPod so you don't have to specify its drive letter.
* When disconnecting, Anapod can automatically unmount your iPod from Windows so you can take it and go, or optionally, leave it mounted if you like.

iPod Maintenance

* Recover missing tracks on iPod.
* Fix mislabeled tracks on iPod.
* Automatically repair errors and inconsistencies created by other iPod software.

Transfer to iPod

* Transfer MP3, WAV, M4A/AAC, M4P, MOV, iTunes Music Store M4P, M4V, M4B and data files.
* Full access to data files and folder storage.
* Transfer subfolders and shortcuts recursively.
* Options to exclude certain types of files.
* Duplicates handling.
* Support for ID3v1, ID3v2, WMA, MP4, MOV, M4A, M4P, and M4B tags.
* Guess, fill, or skip incomplete tag fields.
* Automatic playlist generation from folder structure.
* Transfer dialog shows detailed progress info.
* Transfer throughput meter, compare performance with other users in Club Red Arena.
* Complete logging for analysis and troubleshooting.
* 'Last Transfer' folder gives quick access to recently added files.
* One-touch PC-to-iPod synchronization.
* Multi-folder synchronization using shortcuts.
* Contacts synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.
* Contacts and Notes editing.
* Photo transfer supported using PhotoSync feature.

Transfer to PC

* Drag and drop files and folders to PC.
* 'Copy to Computer' for more direct transfer.
* Customize PC filename generation using templates.
* Templates support automatic generation of folder structures based on tag information.
* Transfer dialog shows detailed progress info.
* Transfer throughput meter, compare performance with other users Club Red Arena.
* Complete logging for analysis and troubleshooting.


* Play music stored on your iPod through your PC's sound system via USB and Firewire streaming.
* Play through your favorite MP3 software. Winamp, Windows Media Player, RealOne, MusicMatch supported, or any software that can playback HTTP streaming.
* Auto-launch your MP3 player software.

Device Information

* Folder contains vital device stats on iPod.
* Device model and name.
* Hardware and firmware versions.
* Change device owner name.
* Flags indicating which Anapod features are supported for device model.

Library Management

* Full support for iPod tag-based organization.
* View all tracks or by artist, album, or genre.
* View albums under their artists or alphabetically.
* Create playlists from artist, album, genre folders.
* Edit tags information on-board the iPod.
* Batch edit multiple tags at once.
* Change artist, album or genre by drag and drop.
* Rename whole artists, albums, and genres.
* Customize track display format using templates.
* Delete tracks by artist, album, or genre.

Advanced Transfer Management

* Review tag info and transfer decisions before beginning transfer.
* When tags are missing, parse information from path and filename.
* Batch tag field copying and swapping.
* Options for compilation and classical albums.
* Auto-fill track numbers.
* Review and select auto-generated playlists.
* Write tag edits back to source audio files.
* Options to read v1 and/or v2 tags.

Playlist Management

* Create, delete, rename playlists.
* Sort or shuffle playlist contents.
* Merge multiple playlists into one, leaving originals.
* Add tracks to playlists using drag and drop or fly-out menu.
* Import M3U, PLS, BPL/B4S (Winamp3), WPL (WMP9), and RMP (RealOne) playlist files.
* Export playlists.
* Reorder playlist contents using drag and drop.
* "Playlist Index" shows what playlists each track belongs to.

Anapod Xtreamer

* Full-fledged built-in web server.
* Access iPod using any web browser.
* User-skinnable interface, with default XP-style skin.
* Play songs through your favorite MP3 player software via HTTP streaming.
* Download files from iPod across a network.
* Access iPod away from your computer over a network.
* Search iPod using the built-in SQL engine.
* Selectable port, compatible with firewalls.
* Full access logging.
* Remote access security including user/password database and HTTP authentication.


* Full embedded SQL database engine.
* Search for tracks on iPod using any criteria.
* Generate customizable content reports in text, HTML, or XML formats.
* Search engine available through Anapod Xtreamer interface.

Data Files Support

* Transfer data files to iPod and back to PC.
* Copy full folder hierarchies onto and off iPod.
* Create folders, rename, and recursive delete.
* Rename files.
* Drag and drop files between folders.

Device Support

* Apple iPod nano
* Apple iPod shuffle
* Apple iPod mini: First Generation
* Apple iPod mini: Second Generation
* Apple iPod: First Generation (mechanical wheel)
* Apple iPod: Second Generation (touch wheel)
* Apple iPod: Third Generation (touch wheel)
* Apple iPod: Fourth Generation (click wheel)
* Apple iPod: Fifth Generation (video display)
* Apple iPod photo
* Apple iPod U2 Special Edition
* iPod+HP (same as 4th Gen Apple iPod)

* Anapod supports all iPod models available in the market.
* All storage capacities (MB/GB) are supported.
* Compatible with all iPod firmware versions.
* Compatible with all versions of iTunes (including iTunes 6).
* Runs on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP.
* CopyGear now also available for Mac OS X.