Posted By: makman

Angeliux :Application from binary heaven!


This picture shows Angeliux main window. It contains three buttons, they are clickable with left or right mouse button to perform various actions.

Angeliux shows:
*Time, Date, free memory, CPU utilization, network trafic
*running Applications
*day info
*two extra time zones

Angeliux features:
*configurable stay-on-top position on screen
*email checker (25 accounts) check interval from one minute
*telnet (TCP raw connection) with one line batch sending
*TCP server, configurable listenning port
*calculator with tape
*true 32bit base conversion (bin - dec - hex)
*full ASCII table
*8calculate and compare MD5 and SHA1 hash
*8plays multimedia files and audio CDs
*execute applications
*define the menus
*view calendar with names and holidays
*control Windows and the computer (Shut Down, Reboot, Log Off user…)
*show application windows and tasks, sets window transparency
*kill/change priority of a process (hide/show/disable/terminate window…)
*show and preview installed fonts
*when starting windows run applications
*copy, rename, move, delete files and directories…
*save your memos…
*provide a simple system info
*more than 300 user configurable alarms (up to one year)
*time limitation
*change some hidden MS Windows settings
*free up unused RAM
*adjustment of hidden Windows settings
*enable create hidden tasks…

and many more…

Download and please fellows No Mirrors, THANX.