AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic 7

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AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic 7

***You'll be amazed how thoroughly AntiVir protects:
- detects and removes more than 150,000 viruses
- always among the winners of comparison test featured in computer journals
- the resident Virus Guard serves to monitor file movements automatically, e.g. downloading of data from the internet
- scanning and repair of macro viruses
- protection against previously unknown macro viruses
- safeguard against cost generating dial-up program
- protection against trojaner, worms, backdoors, jokes and other harmful programs
- easy operation
- Internet-Update Wizard for easy updating
- Protection against previously unknown boot record viruses and master boot record viruses
- Quality "Made in Germany"
- support is free of charge via AntiVir Bulletin Board

Changes in version 7.0:
- A complete redesign of the product
- A complete new user interface
- A new, even easier user guidance
- A central control centre
- A central configuration
- A new quarantine management
- An optimized scanner
- Unicode ability

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