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Altia PhotoProto v1.05 for Photoshop(Win)

Posted By: itbrutal3
Altia PhotoProto v1.05 for Photoshop(Win)

Altia PhotoProto v1.05 for Photoshop(Win) | 43Mb |

You're a talented graphics artist. Photoshop trembles at your touch. Take your art to the next level by turning static graphics into interactive prototypes with a few mouse clicks. That's what PhotoProto does. It walks through your Photoshop file, exports all those carefully crafted images and references them in a file that the PhotoProto player displays. But this goes way beyond graphics. You simply name and arrange your layers and PhotoProto automatically assigns the appropriate behavior. Name a layer "button" and the images can be pressed like a button in the player. Name a set of screens, and a multi-view application comes alive. I'ts incredibly easy.

With PhotoProto you can:
* Transform static Photoshop graphics into interactive prototypes.
* Create buttons, sliders, knobs, readouts, screens and more!
* Automatically export perfectly trimmed artwork with alpha channels intact
(in PNG format).
* Send prototypes for colleagues and customers to try on their Macs or PCs.
* Play MP3's, AVI's and DirectX/OpenGL 3D models as part of your prototype.
* Get a head start on your Altia Design development. (PhotoProto output
imports directly into Design.)

Download from

pass> app