ArmorWall Personal Firewall ver. 3.12

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ArmorWall Personal Firewall ver. 3.12

ArmorWall Personal Firewall ver. 3.12 | 3,5 MB

Armorwall Firewall is the award-winning PC firewall software that keeps your personal data and privacy safe from Internet hackers and data thieves. ArmorWall Firewall includes Spyware Killer and Ad Blocking for a faster, safer Internet experience. ArmorWall Firewall software provides easy, affordable, and complete protection.

Armorwall firewall software monitors all incoming network traffic and allows in only the connections that are known and trusted. Port 80 is open so that you can browse web pages; port 1863 allows you to engage in instant messaging with friends; port 443 gives access to secure web pages used by online merchants to encrypt purchases.

You could manually grant or restrict access to each of the 65,535 ports available under the Internet Protocol. Every time you add a new program that requires Internet access, you would need to determine which port(s) it uses, and reconfigure your computer accordingly. Sounds simple but most of us have no idea how to block port access.

Armorwall Firewall software does this burden for you, allowing access to the ports you need open, and closing off those you don't. Firewall software makes your computer "invisible" on the Internet; if the bad guys can't find you, they will have a hard time attacking or stealing your personal information.