Artwork GBRVU v3.06b

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Artwork GBRVU v3.06b

Artwork GBRVU v3.06b | Win32 |Size: 12.2 MB

GBRVU displays Gerber data (RS274D, RS274X and Cymbolic Sciences MDA format) on screen and enables the PCB designer to make check plots to most hardcopy devices. GBRVU also acts as a platform for additional modules that create contours and extract data to GDSII, DXF and EGS data formats.


* Fast Viewing of Large Files
* Support for up to 128 Layer
* RS274D, RS274X and MD
* Measure and Inf
* Hi Resolution Plottin
* Convert 274D to 274
* Extract Window to DXF
* Unionize/Contourize Data
* Extract to GDSII Stream
* Invert Polarity

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