Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2

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Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2

The longer you use Windows® the slower it gets. Your hardware isn't getting slower - it's Windows® that's getting clogged up. One of the main reasons for this is garbage left over by programs that don't get removed properly. Lazy programmers think that what you don't see doesn't hurt you and so they only include the main program components in the Uninstall entry in the Windows® Control Panel. The rest isn't visible but it's still there, adding more and more unnecessary ballast to your Windows® setup with every program you "remove".
Many programs leave hundreds of Registry entries, files and even drivers and Windows® services in place after they have been "uninstalled"!
Experienced users have always known the answer to this problem: Ashampoo UnInstaller. It monitors and records program installations and allows you to remove them completely, so that no trace is left. And it comes with a suite of additional tools that help to fight other causes of Windows® slowdown.

Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2

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Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2 is the best UnInstaller ever
The Ashampoo UnInstaller series has always been the best and simplest way to keep your computer free of old program garbage. Now it's better than ever, with a whole range of powerful new functions, a slick new user interface and context-sensitive help that gives you the answers you need fast.

Easy Mode for quick results, Expert Mode for the pros
Like its predecessors, Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2 can switch between Easy Mode and Expert mode. Easy Mode allows you to monitor installations and remove programs with a few simple clicks. Expert Mode provides powerful additional functions for experienced users.

Powerful new features
Multi Uninstaller
Drag & Drop Desktop Uninstaller
Enhanced installer identification
Windows® Services Manager
Internet Explorer Add-Ons Manager
Start Menu Cleaner

Other improvements:

* Automatic update checker: Automatically checks for important program updates at regular intervals.
* New modern design: The new version of the program comes with a slick and modern new interface.
* Context-sensitive help: The online help has been improved and is now context-sensitive. Every dialog includes a Help button that provides you with the information you need on the function you are using.

For the experts: Monitor all changes to your system
For advanced users Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2 is a lot more than just an uninstaller. You can use it to monitor and log all changes made anywhere in your Windows® system between two points in time. For example you can find out where programs store their hidden settings and what files and settings they are changing when they are running. This makes it an invaluable system maintenance and debugging tool.

Additional tools for fighting Windows® slowdown:
In addition to uninstalling programs Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2 comes with some useful additional tools that help you keep your system free of garbage and running smoothly:

* Find/Delete Temp Files: Locates all the unnecessary temporary files on your system and get rid of them.
* Find/Delete Empty Folders: Locates leftover folders with no contents anywhere on your computer and gets rid of them.
* Find/Delete Duplicates: Find and eliminate unnecessary duplicate files. Fast and efficient by Name/Size/Date or super accurate by Name/Size/Content.

Other cool features:

* UnInstall Watcher: Automatically activates when a program installer runs so that you can log the installation. Now much more accurate thanks to the new dynamic installer identification feature.
* Supplementary install records: Allows you to add add-ons, plug-ins and patches to the installation records of existing programs.
* Changes list with printouts: Clear documentation of all the changes made to your system by a program installation, with printout function.
* Incremental logs:Automatically log a series of installations in a single process, for example for large program suites or programs with large updates.

OS: Windows 2000/XP

Size: 6.0MB


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