Auction Wizard 2000 v2.3.254

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Auction Wizard 2000 v2.3.254

Auction Wizard 2000 v2.3.254 | Windows | 0.27 MB |

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Auction Wizard 2000 is the complete auction management solution for eBay, eBay Stores, Yahoo! Auctions, and Player Auctions. It is the most feature-rich auction management software of its kind and surpasses all others in function, stability, and ease of use.

The philosophy behind Auction Wizard 2000 is to empower online auction sellers with the best tools and the best support in the greatest number of markets. That empowerment has resulted in the emergence of a bona fide community of online auction sellers who have heard the rallying cry behind Auction Wizard 2000 and have made their own voices heard. From chat rooms to conventions, users are talking about us, and here are just a few of the compelling reasons why:

Power, presence, choice.
Auction Wizard 2000 makes managing auctions and creating an impressive appearance easy. And we don't lock you into a single auction site. You have the power to choose where your online fees are best spent, how you market, and what audience you reach.

Professional tools in a single package.
No other auction management program contains the full suite of tools available in Auction Wizard 2000. From the email system to the image editor, the listing creator (with dozens of customizable templates) to the report generator, and the FTP manager to the powerful database, Auction Wizard 2000 comes complete and ready to use, right out of the virtual box.

Total control of your auction data.
Auction Wizard 2000 is a program that resides on your computer. Since you have total control of your data, you don't have to rely on a website or a service to handle sensitive financial records. Nor do you have to create your listings on their time with their restrictions. Prepare your sale items offline, then list them all at your convenience.

Feature Chart

Feature-for-feature, no other auction management solution comes close to the power of Auction Wizard® 2000. It has professional power that's ready to use right out of the "box" with no need for additional software. And it's priced right! Take a look at this feature chart and compare how the others stack up against us. We're sure you won't find more power anywhere, and nothing that does this much so affordably.


Supported Auction Sites

* eBay (
* eBay Stores (
* Auctions (
* Yahoo! Auctions (
* Player Auctions (

Auction Site Automation

* Store Auction IDs When Listing
* Download Info When Auctions Close
* Download Bid History
* Locate Repeat Buyer Information
* Import Active and Closed Auctions
* Leave Feedback

Email System

* # of Email Accounts: Unlimited
* Send and Receive Email
* Email Templates
* Database Access in Email Windows

Invoices, Auction Lots

* Store Buyer Shipping Address From Email
* Reply to Email Message Using Templates
* Address Book
* Email Folders
* Automatically Sort Email into Folders
* Spell Check


* Inventory Items: Optional
* Track Quantity in Stock
* Images: Unlimited
* Formatted Text Description
* Categorize Inventory
* Storage Locations
* Spell Check
* Sortable Grid View
* Track Committed Stock
* Fill in All Auction Site Listing Fields

Auction Lots

* Create Auction Lots from Inventory: Optional
* Put Multiple Inventory Items in a Lot
* Sortable Grid View
* Track Auction Site Fees
* User Defined Fields: 6
* Dutch Auctions
* Formatted Text Descriptions
* Default Description Font
* Spell Check
* Images per Item: Unlimited
* Sample Listing Templates: 21
* Color Schemes in Listing Templates

Integrated Image Editor

* Rotate 90 Degrees Left / Right
* Crop
* Resize
* Rotate by Any Angle
* Shear
* Sharpen / Soften
* Brightness
* Contrast
* Hue
* Saturation
* Gamma Correction


* Combine Winning Bids by Same Bidder
* Send Email to Winning Bidders at Each Step
* Sales Tax Tracking and Reporting
* Add Items Manually
* Sortable Grid View
* Print Invoices
* Track Actual Shipping / Insurance Costs
* Track Payment Service Fees (e.g. PayPal Fees)


* Track Auction Income
* Track Non-Auction Income
* Track Expenses
* Running Balance
* Record Payments from Invoice Window
* Record Payments from Email Windows

Print Shipping Labels

* Formatted Shipping Address
* Formatted Return Address
* Avery 5" x 3-1/2"
* Avery 2" x 4"
* Avery 3-1/3" x 4"
* Avery 1" x 2-5/8"
* Avery 1" x 4"
* Re-Use Partially Printed Label Sheets
* Position Adjustments
* Export Shipping Addresses (CSV Format)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

* FTP Accounts: Unlimited
* Automatic Image Upload / Delete
* Resize and Convert Images to JPG Format
* Set Maximum Image Dimensions
* Configure JPG Output Quality

Website Support

* # of Websites Supported: Unlimited
* Thumbnail Page
* Individual Item Pages: Optional
* Add Items at Any time


* Desktop Size: 800 x 600 or higher
* Images Stored in Database
* Multiple Users via LAN
* Printable Reports: 59
* Customizable Reports
* Consignment Tracking
* Number of Consignors: Unlimited
* Auction Site User IDs: Unlimited
* Definable Feedback Messages: Unlimited
* Import and Export Data (CSV Format)


There are specific requirements for the computer on which Auction Wizard® 2000 will be installed. You must also have an Internet account with an ISP, plus:

* An Email account that supports POP3 (for receiving Email) and SMTP (for sending Email)
* Web space that supports FTP for storing the images that will appear in your listings. (The more space the better!)

Minimum System Requirements:

* Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 6), Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), or Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista
* 500 MHz Pentium III CPU
* 256MB RAM (1GB for Windows Vista)
* 300MB free disk space (or more, if you plan on adding a large number of images to your database)
* 32MB video card
* 800 x 600 or larger Desktop Area
* 64K Color Palette (16 bit)
* A properly configured connection to the Internet (dial-up networking, DSL, cable modem, etc.)

Recommended System:

* Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), or Windows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate
* 2 GHz (or faster) Pentium 4 CPU
* 512MB (or more) RAM (2GB for Windows Vista)
* 2GB (or more) free disk space
* 64MB video card
* 1024 x 768 or larger Desktop Area
* 16 Million Color Palette (32 bit)
* A broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, etc.)

Important Note:
In order to install Auction Wizard 2000 you must have administrative rights.