AuctionSleuth 2.9.8

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AuctionSleuth 2.9.8

AuctionSleuth 2.9.8 | 6.3MB

If you are looking for the best auction software, auction tools, software for sniping, eBay tools for eBay and with integrated snipe bidding, then look no further. AuctionSleuth incorporates eBay snipe tools, snipe tools and auction search tools for the major auction sites eBay, eBay Motors and auctions. AuctionSleuth includes both automated searching and sniping software to help you find and win auction bargains with very little effort. AuctionSleuth periodically searches auctions sites for items with key words and prices that meet your criteria and then lets you know when they are found.AuctionSleuth searching is based on the premise that there are really only 2 ways to win an auction at the right price. Be there as the first buyer when an auction first appears as a Buy it Now auction. Be the successful high bidder right before an auction item closes at End of Auction. In both cases you must spend huge amounts of your precious time to locate these auctions items.

Lets take a close look at each auction type:
Buy it Now items - When a buyer sells an item, they can specify whether the item can be purchased at a set price. These auction items are called "Buy it Now" auctions. For whatever reason, many sellers list a Buy it Now price for an auction item at a great Buy it Now price. Many sellers are new to auctions or don't know the value of the item and they just pick a Buy it Now price out of the air. That can result in some really great bargains for buyers. The trick is to be there when the auction first shows up, because the first buyer that sees it as a good deal will buy it and quick. AuctionSleuth can be setup to search on a periodic basis for Buy it Now auction items that meet your search criteria. When an auction item is found, you are notified with an alarm so you can be the first one there to buy the item.

End of Auction items - Many auction items will go to the "End of Auction" and the highest bidder wins the auction. There are thousands of items that are ending every hour. Most buyers will wait until the last hour or less to bid on an item. They think this somehow keeps the item price low. To successfully win an auction that goes to the end, you must be there at the End of Auction for the item and be the highest bidder. The trick is to find and identify the items of interest and not be there too soon or too late, then be the highest bidder and win the auction. On many occasions an item will be over looked or not bid up. These are the End of Auction items AuctionSleuth is looking for. No need to bid on an item if its End of Auction price is too high. AuctionSleuth can be setup to search only for items that are within a user specified amount of time from closing and meet your search criteria. When an auction item is found, you are notified with an alarm so you can be there to bid on the item or you can place a snipe bid that will be placed automatically for you.

Do you use eBay or does eBay USE you?
Typically eBay users find auction items in one of two ways. By either sifting through hundreds of eBay auction pages looking for items, or by using eBay's search engine to search for items. With millions of items listed and closing every day, either method requires a lot of time and effort. AuctionSleuth was designed to reduce or eliminate all of that time consuming effort. With AuctionSleuth you configure searches that describe what you are looking for, then start AuctionSleuth and set back and let eBay come to you. This is a much better way to find auction items and some real auction bargains as well. Get your life back by letting AuctionSleuth do the work for you.

AuctionSleuth can be set up to search for auction items closing in a few minutes or days in advance. This helps you to find items of interest and if you want, you can then place a snipe bid days before the auction ends. Then seconds before the auction closes, AuctionSleuth will place the bids for you while you are at work, cooking dinner or watching a movie. It's all about getting a part of your life back and letting AuctionSleuth do all of the work for you. An added advantage of snipe bidding is being able to make a rational decision on what an item is worth hours or days before closing time. By utilizing snipe bidding you are also increasing your odds of being the highest bidder.

AuctionSleuth is the best end to end solution for the serious or casual eBay user. AuctionSleuth combines automated searching to find the items you are looking for, then places the bids for you while you are away from your computer.

Let eBay come to you instead of you going to eBay!
AuctionSleuth is not just a search tool. AuctionSleuth saves you time and effort when dealing with End of Auction items, and points out just listed Buy it Now items that you would have to really work hard to find by yourself. AuctionSleuth provides you with automated auction searching. Setup AuctionSleuth and then sit back and relax while AuctionSleuth works in the background looking for those great auction deals. AuctionSleuth is designed to give you the edge in finding and winning auctions at great prices.

Buy it Now example - Let's say you want to buy a DVD player. You configure a "search" on AuctionSleuth to set off an alarm when a new Buy it Now auction with a Pioneer DVD player is first listed. AuctionSleuth finds these items just a few minutes after they come online, letting you see it and purchase it while your competition, the other buyers, are still laboriously browsing through hundreds of listings looking for new Buy it Now items. Extensive testing has shown AuctionSleuth will find Buy It Now bargains faster and easier than any human can find them, giving you the edge finding Buy it Now bargains.

End of Auction example - you no longer have to monitor the closing times for auctions. AuctionSleuth will find and let you know about auctions that are about to close. You can tell AuctionSleuth how many minutes before the end of the auction it should notify you, so you have enough time to get to a computer and make your winning bid or just set up the snipe bid and let AuctionSleuth do the work.

AuctionSleuth now incorporates Bid Sniping. Providing the FIRST end to end auction tool for the auction buyer that wants to find AND win those great auction bargains. AuctionSleuth bid sniping works with eBay, eBay Motors and auction sites. You can now find the auction item and schedule a snipe bid to be placed while you are away from your computer. AuctionSleuth will dialup, connect, bid and disconnect automatically, all within seconds of auction close. AuctionSleuth also incorporates build-in time synchronization routines to set your system clock for precise timing.

AuctionSleuth can search for up to 200 different items, and will notify you when an item is ready to be purchased, either as a new Buy it Now, or an End of Auction item that is within a few minutes of closing.

If you are considering a web based sniping service…consider the following that was reported by Auction Software Review.

"A number of web-based sniping services reported eBay account login failures around the end of July, 2007. It now appears that this was due to eBay incorrectly marking accounts as having "Unauthorized third party access" and changing the user's eBay passwords.

The issue was resolved by eBay, but it highlights the vulnerability of web-based sniping. These services duplicate the normal eBay login process, but because the login comes from a computer that is not at the user's normal location, eBay may wrongly classify the login as an account high-jacking and the user's password as a damage-limitation measure."

AuctionSleuth is NOT a web based sniping service!

AuctionSleuth Features:

AuctionSleuth searches eBay, eBay Motors and auctions.
Bid sniping for eBay, eBay Motors, eBay Mature Audience and, with bid logic. You can even snipe bid several items with the same ending time.
Bid Logic can be setup for each snipe bid. (Example: Only place the snipe bid if item 1 Wins AND Item 2 Wins OR item 3 Loses).

AuctionSleuth searches for 3 types of auctions, "Buy It Now", "End of Auction" and "By Seller" on eBay and at the same time! Only those auctions that meet your search criteria are displayed.
AuctionSleuth can warn you with 3 different types of alarms (wave file, popup alarm or email) that one of your searches was met. The email can be sent to your cell phone (ask your cell provider about this feature). Customize your email alarm messages.
You can go about your daily business while AuctionSleuth runs in the background relentlessly searching for auctions.

Up to 200 different auction searches can be configured and running simultaneously.
Support for 5 different usernames/passwords for each auction site.
AuctionSleuth provides both simple and advanced search operators to help isolate auction items that meet your search criteria.

Users can select the search update times that best suit their needs.
AuctionSleuth incorporates a custom auction browser to ensure your normal web browsing isn't interrupted.