Automatic Windows And Internet Washer ver.5.0.47

Posted By: teamboy
Automatic Windows And Internet Washer ver.5.0.47

Automatic Windows And Internet Washer ver.5.0.47 | 5,72 MB

Most people know about clearing IE history and emptying their Recycling Bin. But a simple browse through a few key Windows files will soon uncover your habits. It doesn't even take much to discover these things. You can purchase a program like “Fast File Undelete” for $19 and get back files you thought were long deleted.

With one simple click, the customizable Automatic Windows & Internet Washer can:
- Clear your browser history
- Delete the contents your browser cached
- Remove all your system cookies
- Clear out your visited and typed URL list
- Get rid of the stored data in the hidden index.dat file
- Eliminate all the information remaining from Autocomplete
- Save space by getting rid of Windows temporary files
- Remove incriminating information from documents, history, and “Find” searches
- Dump out your Recycle Bin and clipboard
- Clear both Outlook and Netscape E-Mail histories
- Completely remove data so it can NEVER be recovered
- Use Government-strength removal techniques to delete entire directories

With ADDITIONAL support for clearing the histories for the following applications:
- Adobe Acrobat Reader, AOL Instant Messenger, CuteFTP
- Divx Player, Download Accelerator, Flash Get, GetRight
- GO!ZILLA, Google Toolbar, Hotbar, ICQ, Kazaa
- Windows Media Player, Morpheus, MSN Messenger
- Net Vampire, NetCaptor, Office (97, 2000, XP and 2003!)
- PowerDVD, Real Player, Sonique, SWiSH, The Playe,
- WinRar, WinZip, Yahoo! Messenger – and more!