Backup2005 Synchronizer ver.

Posted By: Alexpal
Вдогонку к Backup2005 Pro v4.3.2.136 еще один продукт от того же разработчика.

Backup2005 Synchronizer ver. | 7,2 Mb

Backup2005 Synchronizer can be used to synchronize data between two computers. If you work on 2 computers (e.g. a desktop and a notebook computer) use the Source>>Target< Backup2005 Synchronizer can also be used as backup software. You can back up data to a network drive or an external drive.
If you use a device or a medium that is easily removable, it may be beneficial to encrypt files when these are important to your business or if you wish to preserve your privacy.

The Live synchronization module is able to copy a file as soon as you have made any change or renamed it. It is a very useful tool if you own a USB memory key.

Backup2005 Synchronizer can maintain different versions of the same file (versioning).

With the Incremental option, Backup2005 Synchronizer executes synchronization at the speed of light.

Backup2005 Synchronizer comes with a Live synchronization module. Live synchronization lets you to get an immediate copy of files you are working on.

With the Compare function you can evaluate the differences between 2 folders.

You can schedule any script. Backup2005 Synchronizer creates the task in the Windows Scheduler and is also able to schedule multiple scripts in one task.

Program is delivered with a Windows shell extension module which allows you to encrypt and decrypt files from the WIndows Explorer.

Backup2005 Synchronizer is thread safe, this means that jobs can be done in background with a minimum of resources.

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