Bayside Sniper II ver.

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Bayside Sniper II ver.

Bayside Sniper II ver.

Bayside Sniper II ver.

Bayside Sniper II ver.

Bayside Sniper II

Welcome to Bayside Sniper II an auction tracking and sniping program for the eBay auction site user. Whether you are an occasion buyer, seller or a power user you will find this program an excellent tool for your bidding and tracking needs. Designed with the user in mind, the easy to use interface makes Bayside Sniper a pleasure to use. Setup is a simple three step process and a 'Getting Started' feature is included to help you become acquainted with the basic's such as adding an auction item and setting up a bid. A comprehensive and well illustrated manual is also included.

Please review the following features and learn how Bayside Sniper II can help you manage and win those auctions:

* NEW! Support for eBay's new faster page downloads:
Faster downloads and updates for auction listings.

* NEW! Context menu for Internet Explorer:
Just right click anywhere within the listing to add the item instantly. No need to copy & paste auction numbers or add manually.

* NEW! Auction listing format:
Item listings now display shipping costs, auction ending time in date-time or countdown format and seller's ID and rating.

* Automatically retrieves and displays shipping costs for items:
This feature will automatically add the shipping costs to the Item listing when available.

* Alternate browser support:
Supports alternate browsers for browser related program functions.

* Multiple User and Category Support:
Add additional users and organize your auction items by adding categories.

* International eBay Site and User Regional Support:
Supports over a dozen international eBay sites and user regions.

* Favorite Links and Searches Feature:
Add your favorite ebay or Internet links, save search links and parameters.

* Group Add Feature for eBay Searches:
Selectively add items from the results of an eBay search.

* Intellibid Feature:
Allows users to setup multiple bids on similar items as a group. Winning any item will cancel any remaining bids within that group.

* Auction Item and Bid Alerts:
This feature can alert when a auction is about to end or if the high bid amount has changed.

* Auto Dial Support for Dial-Up Type Connections:
Full support for Dial-Up, DSL, Cable or Satellite connections. If you are at work or just away from home and are using a Dial-Up type connection you can instruct the program to automatically connect to your Internet provider, place a bid for you and then disconnect.

* Auto Time Set Synchronizes Your Computers Clock:
Accurate time setting is important when placing bids at the last few seconds of an auction. Users can select either the NIST atomic time standard or eBay's time.

* Automatic Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time Support:
Time zone support will adjust and display an auction items ending time based upon your current time zone. No need to add or subtract hours or even days. Time can be displayed in either 12 or 24 format. Special handling is also provided for states, provinces and countries that do not observe daylight savings time.

* Automatic Update of Auction Items:
Automatically update your auction items at preset intervals.

* Multiple Archiving Options:
Hardcopy printout of auction items Save Items as Web page text only or Web page with all graphics Export items as a text file or tab delimited text file for spreadsheet applications

* Support for Sellers:
Auto download items you currently have listed, set alerts to notify you of pending end of auction or bid changes, send bulk feedback.

* Feedback Feature:
We all know how important it is to leave feedback, but it can be a bit tasking. Bayside Snipers feedback feature enables you to leave feedback with ease. As shown in the window below, the feedback feature will retrieve all the transactions that you need to leave feedback for and display them. You can then choose to leave feedback for all of them or just specific ones with just a few mouse clicks.


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