[Rapid & Oxyshare] BCGSoft BCGControlBar Library

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[Rapid & Oxyshare] BCGSoft BCGControlBar Library

BCGControlBar Professional Edition - is an MFC extension library that includes the long awaited features like detachable tab windows, auto hide windows, docking control bars and toolbars that display context while dragging, new docking algorithms (similar to algorithms introduced in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET environment and Microsoft Visio), shortcut bars with detachable panes, tabbed toolbars(*), text editor with syntax highlighting and IntelliSense-style support(*), chart control (*), completely flat look and more.

For more information: 6.41 MB 6.52 MB 6.41 MB 7.66 MB 7.69 MB 8.04 MB 7.66 MB 7.70 MB 11.11 MB 13.01 MB 6.71 MB 6.74 MB 1.27 MB 1.62 MB

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