Big File Sender Enterprise Edition v1.6

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Big File Sender Enterprise Edition v1.6

«Big File Sender Enterprise Edition v1.6»
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No more FTP. No email attachments. Receive and Send large files as big as 2GB to 15 PCs in the World.
Big File Sender comes in 4 editions- Personal, Home, Professional, and Enterprise edition. You can send multiple files to multiple PCs. No speed limit, depend only on your ISP internet speed. It provides everyone with speedier file tranfer to your office, employees, friends, business office, etc. Students can send study notes to their friends in minutes. Save money from expensive courier charges. Requires no training and no administrative maintenance. No account creation, download, register and start sending and receiving. For management of the files transfered, BFS has a log feature: every send n receive is logged, and you can see later what files did you send and received in the current session, from what ip, the time and so on. The transfer is peer 2 peer so no one can enter on this secure line, so don't worry, your transfer is safe. Very nice GUI that helps you see the progress better, progress bars, percentage labels and so on. The remote PC must have any edition of Big File Sender to send or receive the file. It means both PCs must have any edition of Big File Sender to transfer the files.

Most Secure: Fake IP address and IP spoofing is ineffective in Big File Sender. Big File Sender works between PCs with ONLY Real IP addresses (External IP) being Peer 2 Peer connection. It will also run in LAN.

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Password: spiderman
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