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Bixorama | 2,86 Mb

Bixorama can convert between 11 different panorama formats including Apple's QuickTime VR, Microsoft's DirectX DDS, angular maps, sphere maps and various cube map layouts.
Bixorama can import AND export the following 11 formats:

1) QuickTime VR .MOV
Apple's QuickTime VR is the most popular panorama format on the internet.
Unfortunately saving a QTVR movie from an internet page isn't as easy as right clicking and selecting Save As… Instead you have to copy it from the cache of your browser. If you're using Internet Explorer the cache is located in the C:\Documents and Settings\LOGINNAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files folder where LOGINNAME is your loginname.

2) DirectX .DDS
DDS is the DirectX texture format used in realtime 3D applications. The big advantage of the DDS format is that you can not only use it for panoramic backgrounds, but also for reflection mapping. This example movie has been created with BluffTitler DX9. The UFO and the alien are reflection mapped with the same DDS file that is used to render the background.