Black Widow Media Desktop ver. 5.3

Posted By: lateshift

Black Widow Media Desktop ver. 5.3 | 6,91 Mb

Black Widow Media Desktop contains 15 multimedia programs. Play/Rip individual songs from over 7000 radio stations. Play/Rip Flash games/movies from the NET with the new 'Flash Rip Or Play' integrated for this release. Search G1 and G2 networks or the NET for media files (music, video, images) and download/preview files found in the searches. Record any sound your computer makes with 'RIP What You Hear'. Encode files from one format to another (example WAV to MP3 or other file types to WAV). Use the specially designed players for your DVDs, CDs, or other file types. Play single media or create/play multiple play lists for video/audio/images. Play multiple players independently in a GRID if you wish. Control Looping, Speed, and Zoom and Drag to center media. Select from fifteen pre-designed skins or use a built in tool to create your own skin for each application or desktop.