Blacksmith 3D Suite 3.2

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Blacksmith 3D Suite 3.2

Blacksmith 3D suite 3.2 | 63Mb/49Mb

win/mac | 3D Painting, Morphing & Modeling | Integrate directly with 3D Studio Max | compatible with 3dsMax, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Softimage, adobe |

Blacksmith 3D Suite 3.2

Blacksmith3D-Suite 3.2
Blacksmith3D Launches New 3D Painting, Morphing & Modeling Software featuring Alpha Mask & 3ds Max Plug-In Support. Read the press release for details

Available for Windows and Mac OS X!

Bring your creativity to life with amazing tools available in the new powerful version of Blacksmith3D! This brilliant new version of the 3D Painting, Morphing and Modeling software was designed to ensure you - The Artist - have the most fun & ease of use while you bring your Extraordinary Ideas to life.

Blacksmith3D will help you accomplish your creative goals through its powerful and flexible tools that will save you time & deliver high quality results. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you are able to enrich the look of your projects using this software!

With Blacksmith3D you will:
Integrate directly with 3D Studio Max using Blacksmith3D-Transporter
paint textures with Alpha Masks (RGBA)
paint across UV seams as if they didn't exist
use the Clone Tool for easy texturing
auto UV map virtually any object with a click of a single button
use the smudge & blur tools to paint across seams
use the Soft Selection Tool to paint, morph & smooth your polygonal model
& much more!

is an all in one powerful solution which includes our entire product family (Paint, Morph and Modeler) in a single program. The fusion of 2D and 3D capabilities provide empowering tools that offer users intuitive and visual control over the digital images they create.

This package was designed to streamline your workflow, ensure smooth integration between your favorite paint & 3D tools, and deliver results you never thought were possible!

Use the powerful clone brush to transfer textures from a photo reference. Click here for more details.

This package is Ideal for:
Film, video, and multimedia professionals
Graphic Designers using 3D
Video Game Designers
Manufacturing professionals
Medical imaging professionals
Architects and Interior Designers
Hobbyists who just want to create great 3D art!
It is the ultimate package for all your 3D texturing & Morphing needs!

Blacksmith3D is compatible with
3dsMax, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Softimage, adobe

Blacksmith3D-Transporter connects Blacksmith3D to 3D Studio Max directly. Others apps use OBJ import/export for objects, and common image formats (TIF, JPG, PNG, etc) for texture maps.

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