BlueCherry for 3ds max 9

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BlueCherry for 3ds max 9

BlueCherry for 3ds max 9
RAR | 3ds max plugin | 17.6Mb

The purpose of BlueCherry is to bring you closer to the power of mental ray for 3dsMax 8+ by automating many of the tedious or confusing tasks of setting up renders. This includes features such as Ambient Occlusion, Final Gather, Global Illumination, and HDRI lighting. By making these features automatic, your renders will gain a sharper clarity that typically could only come from a deep understanding of mental ray.

BlueCherry Key Features:
- Intuitive and clear interface
- Easy-Access help pages for every feature
- Instant results
- Fast, easy installation
- Extensive documentation
- Incredible Value

Whats new:

List of changes to v1.5
- Starting GI Custom Decay would snap the slider to 0.
- The GI slider was too sensitive. It is now more forgiving.
- Safe Photons would cause crashes in some cases.
- Starting caustics after GI caused the Custom Decay Slider to reset.
- Restarting GI would not re-analyze the size of the world, causing
miscalculation in some cases. This is no longer the case.
- Lights are now deselected on render, speeding things up.
- Render callbacks have been streamlined.
The render preview button is now even faster.
- BlueCherry used to crash if it detected biped objects. This has been fixed