Symantec BootMagic ver.8.05 Build 295 Final (Repost)

Posted By: mpe38
Symantec BootMagic ver.8.05 Build 295 Final (Repost)

PowerQuestOs BootMagic is a powerful disk-management tool that helps you run multiple operating systems on a single PC. Each time you start or restart your computer, BootMagic presents a list of operating systems (OSs) you can boot from. The configuration program lets you quickly select the OSs you want to appear in the BootMagic Menu and lets you set various boot-time options such as a default OS and a startup delay.
With BootMagic, you can easily switch between OSs, using whichever OS best suits your immediate needs. You can even try out a new OS risk-free, knowing that your old OS is there, readily accessible when you need it.
Organize your data With PowerQuest's PartitionMagic 8, you can easily and quickly partition your hard drive. Why partition? Imagine what your home or business file cabinet would look like if you didn't keep the information in separate folders.
You wouldn't be able to find anything. But we often do a similar thing with our PCs, relying completely on the basic, insufficient file structure of our operating system to organize files, applications and operating environments.
Until PowerQuest's PartitionMagic came along, modifying partitions was a difficult and time consuming task – demanding that you back up your data, delete existing partitions, create and format new partitions, reinstall the operating system and finally, restoring the data (which hopefully wasn't destroyed along the way). And, if you wanted to modify your configuration, you had to repeat the entire lengthy process.
That's where PartitionMagic comes in. Partitions allow you to maximize your hard drive space; secure your data by physically separating it from other files, allowing easy backups; and run multiple operating systems, while organizing and protecting your data. PartitionMagic's unique and easy interface also allows you to preview and modify all your partitioning changes before you make them final.