BrownRecluse ver.1.58

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BrownRecluse ver.1.58

BrownRecluse ver.1.58 | 4,30 MB

With the amount of data now available on the Internet, it is often needed to gather this information and store it into a database or text file (or any file) to be imported into an Excel or Word document (or any programs). Such task, until now, was only available to experienced programmers. Now, with the introduction of the BrownRecluse Programmable Spider, anyone can scan a web site and retrieve from it the information they need.
Programmable?: Indeed. BrownRecluse lets you write your own scripts, or download already made scripts from our web site. The SBL (Spider Bot Language) was designed by SoftByte Labs which is a very easy to understand (and use) programming language. It uses a variety of features found in Pascal, VB, C++ and javascript to allow any programs to quickly master the language.

Simple: Very simple. In just 4 lines of simple code, you can download a web page and display its source code (or save the file). You do not need to know anything about programming sockets and protocols, everything is built-in the language. The URL object lets you perform all the Internet commands such as GET and POST and all of its properties are automatically set (headers, size, date, type etc.) A powerful regular expression object (RegEx) lets you find the data you're looking for from web pages. The File object lets you save collected data to a file. Use the Format object to easily format your data to a CSV, or a tab delimited field. The Output object lets you output your data to one or more output window. A powerful Stack object lets you save your data to an internal list. There is so much to say that the best thing for you to do is download and try it for yourself. It is fully documented (html help file and PDF included).