DC++ 0.69

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DC++ 0.69

DC++ 0.69

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Small linux / old gcc fixes (thanks jens oknelid)
Fixed an issue where client could be crashed from remote
Fixed an issue bad nicks could cause directories to be created in log / file list download folder
Changed autodrop default to 2 for fewer unexpected autodrops (thanks paka)
Saved users file more often to have fewer missing nicks around
CID of user shown if nick is missing (in queue for example)
Added display of CID in a few places
Updated yaSSL to 1.2.2
Fixed ADC hubname display (thanks ullner)
Advanced TTH rollback no longer performed if tree is invalid (thanks garg)
Option not to auto-disconnect favorite users (thanks ullner)
Fixed auto-disconnect delay (thanks uller)
Another fix for opencow
Fixed user command parameters not being remembered
Fixed ADC op commands
[bug 464] Added option for masked password prompt (thanks ullner)
[bug 922] Updated help links (thanks xan)
Fixed op count
[bug 230] Added settings to tray menu
[bug 403] Unfinished file lists deleted since they're never resumed anyway
[bug 639] Separated remove user from queue menu option
[bug 766] Fixed broken app titlebar
Removed support for generating NMDC-style file lists

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