CA eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware ver.

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eTrust™ PestPatrol™ Anti-Spyware detects and removes a wide variety of spyware to protect your PC from unauthorized access, information theft and diminished system performance. Spyware, adware and other non-virus threats are rapidly spreading, and represent a major security and privacy risk. eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware reduces this risk and provides an added layer of protection for safe Internet connectivity.
eTrust™ PestPatrol™ Anti-Spyware gives you the ability to sweep your PC of malicious software designed to invisibly track the sites you surf, the products you buy, and the messages you send. After easy installation, your PC will stay free and clear of spyware, adware, and other non-virus threats, thanks to automatic updates designed to keep you one step ahead of sneaky software.

- Central management and control to enforce scanning, update policies, launch scans on-demand, review logs and deploy new users
- Launch scans remotely over the network through the Management console without disrupting end users who are working, therefore, network administrators no longer need to personally visit each machine
- Compatibility with perimeter security solutions like anti-virus, firewall, and virtual private networks with no conflicts
- Configurable email alerts is sent when a pest is detected on a workstation and spyware removed
- Customized reports can be created based on workstation, date and time, security risk priority and/or pest category. ASCII format is available for exporting to other applications

Key Features:
*** Comprehensive Spyware Detection and Removal. eTrust PestPatrol detects and removes a wide range of spyware threats, including:
- Spyware that "phones home" information about you, your computer, and your surfing habits
- Adware that displays unwanted advertising and can slow your PC to a crawl
- Keyloggers that can record every keystroke you make, then steal your passwords and other personal data
- Browser hijackers that change your home page and search results
- Remote Access Trojans (RATs) that allow an attacker to remotely control your computer
*** Real-time Protection. eTrust PestPatrol does more than just detect and remove spyware, it proactively protects you against new spyware threats.
- When pests are found, eTrust PestPatrol generates an alert, logs the event and enables you to remove the pests from your computer in real-time
- Active Protection kills active pests in memory and zaps spyware cookies before they can phone home about you
- For continuous security protection, you can schedule regular scans to meet your needs
*** Automatic Updates. New spyware threats emerge every day and eTrust PestPatrol makes sure you‘re covered.
- Extensive pest database is continually updated to provide proactive protection against new threats
- Conveniently downloads and installs updates automatically, whenever they‘re available
- Frequent updates insure you‘re protected against the most current threats
*** Security you can Trust. eTrust PestPatrol by Computer Associates is backed by the industry‘s largest research team, the CA Security Advisory Team.
- Supported by the largest spyware research group in the world, providing the most comprehensive pest database
- Your scan results tell you the specific threat level of any pest found, and allow you to link to our pest database for more information