Cafe Manila v 8.3

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Cafe Manila is a software solution for operating a Computer rental system that can help you with cyber cafe management, accounting and billing. It has been designed for Internet cafe shop in the Philippines. CM is a on-line real time simply manage your client machines such as monitoring, locking to process easier in the Internet cafe business.

Unlike many other programs CM is robust, quick and secure. It doesn't matter how big is your cyber cafe is capable of controlling any number of workstations. It is designed to be a great help for all cyber cafe owners, operators and customers.

If you want a high security to prevent the un-authorized users access to your client computers, then just grant access to individuals with the ability to charge the user in various terms then CM is right for your needs.

How it works?

When all CM Client and CM Server configurations are complete you can start using the programs. Please note that CM Server and CM Client have far to many configuration options to list them all here. Please refer to the programs Help files during configuration in order to pick best suitable set of options for you.

Typical example of Cafe Manila Server and Client use would be as follows:

- Customer walks in to the cafe and ask receptionist to use a computer.

- Receptionist will login the Customer (pick free computer in Cafe Manila Server and presses Start button).

- CM Client will Unlock remote computer. Customer can start using it.

- If customer uses PC in Pre-Paid mode then after time is elapsed CM Client will automatically Lock remote PC.

- If customer uses PC in Post-Paid mode - remote PC will be Locked as soon as receptionist logout the customer in Cafe Manila Server. Assuming that customer has finished using the PC and ready to pay.

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