Carlson Grade v2.6.2

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Carlson Grade v2.6.2

Carlson Grade v2.6.2 | 10 Mb

Carlson Grade is Carlson Software’s latest unique machine guidance product. The cross-platform allows for Windows, Linux etc. as the operating system that is used on dozers, loaders, compactors, motorgraders, scrapers, foreman trucks, and other related equipment in need of grade control. It enables heavy equipment operators to know their grade and location without the need for stakes or in severe weather conditions. Accordingly, when work is done at night, when a surveyor may not be available, production can continue with confidence. The significance of this latest program is that you can now see what is going on, on the operators screen from your network—if the rovers are set-up with the network access anywhere in the world through secured sites.

Carlson Grade can even be mounted on a pick-up truck to provide mine foremen and supervisors with real-time position and height inspection capabilities. There is no need for converting site drawings; because, this product recognizes standard dwg files. Combined with Carlson’s Productivity Tools, your process and equipment performance can be monitored and analyzed to gain advantage over your competitors.

Carlson Grade is ideal for real-time grading applications, since heavy equipment operators can grade sites without stakes, even in blinding conditions. Instead, they glance at a screen mounted in the cab and respond to cut/fill and position information. This empowers the employee by giving them instant feedback on their design performance and allowing them to achieve the proper grade with the first pass. This eliminates excessive movement and tramming of the machine, which results in less maintenance and cost.
Benefits and Features

• On-the-fly road and ramp design
• Supports any RTK GPS using a ruggedized touch screen computer
• Useful for grade check in a supervisors vehicle
• Multiple views in profile, section and plan
• Uses AutoCAD drawings and SurvCADD surfaces, no conversion necessary
• Real-time monitoring back at the office with Telescope or SiteNet
• Creates logging file for real-time or future analysis with ProTools
• Optional tilt sensors provide more accurate position and elevation
• Optional lightbars give the operator more indication of cut or fill
• Easy to use, cross-platform software (Windows, Linux, WinCE)
• Multi-purpose: one system for all equipment and applications (dozer, grader, excavator, drill, etc.)
• Works with all major manufacturers of GPS and robotic total station equipment
• Fast, improved graphical response
• On-Board Mission Planning Satellite Forecast and Almanac
• Multiple Design Layers
• Specialized Features for Construction, Mining and Landfill Applications