cFosSpeed ver. 3.12 build 1184

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cFosSpeed ver. 3.12 build 1184

cFosSpeed ver. 3.12 build 1184 | 1,7 MB

cFos Speed – faster Internet access with Traffic Shaping! Boost your internet connection with cFos Speed.cFos Speed is a software that boost your internet connection.

Here are some key features of "cFos Speed":

· Perfect for Online Gamers!
· Improved Traffic Shapingfor DSL modems and routers
· Highly responsive when used with online gamesand Peer-to-Peer networks like eMule or Kazaa
· minimal ping times for streaming audio & video, Voice over IP (VoIP), Internet Radio, etc.
· individual program prioritization

cFosSpeed 3.12 build 1184 – 09-Nov-2006

+ Added -dscp option to class command to set a DSCP value to all outgoing
packets of a class. See RFC2474 for details on DSCP.

+ Added some wait time for driver to load after install.

+ Added support for Vista interface type 71. Thanks to Paul Pagel.

+ Added context menu entry to switch latency setting

x Fixed a problem with usage graph under Vista.

x Tried to work around locked conditions with Vista class installer.

x Fixed some trace output when driver didn't start.

x Removed erroneous properties dialog in Windows' Local Area Connection.

x Some files were not correctly deleted on uninstall. Fixed.

x Fixed a bug in the scaling of usage graph when used with "sum" display.
Thanks to TSE.

x Prevented cFosSpeed from unbinding itself from CISCO VPN adapters.
Hopefully this fixes connection problems there.

x When a WAN connection was not set to "yes" in "connections", you could not
enable Traffic Shaping in context menu.

x When IP addresses where added/deleted/changed to/from the netword card the
cFosSpeed port and window closed. Fixed.

x Deleted IP addresses were sometimes not transferred correctly to the driver.
This could lead to cFosSpeed ignoring all data packets. Fixed.

x HTA fixes.

x Tried to fix a cfosspeed.exe crash where the context menu would refer to no
longer existing windows.

x Usage Graph now works for non-admins.

- After install, cFosSpeed installer will check if driver is running. If not,
it adds a diagnostic message to the trace file, but installation continues.
This should make installation problems better visible.

- Context menu entries "Clear calibration data" and "Send calibration pulse"
are now reduced to one entry.

- Status windows show speeds now based on transmitted IP packet volume.
Thanks to Vigil for inspiration.