China Finder v.2.9 beta

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China Finder v.2.9 beta

China Finder v.2.9 beta
Win App | 2.3 Mb | Freeware

China Finder is a Russian freeware Windows app originally created for searching Chinese websites for software (apps, books, etc., before RapidShare arrived). It is conveniently modular, calling a plugin for each site you want it to search. Its current version comes bundled with plugins for and, but it should not be too hard to create and add your own plugins for whatever sites you like (each plugin consists of a few lines of C code which you can copy/substitute). Fortunately for us English speakers, there is an English interface too. China Finder can also translate any Chinese sites you want to explore further into English, using Yahoo! Babel Fish, a very handy feature.

Home page:

Version 2.9 beta seems quite stable so far and you can download it here:

Download plugins here (I don't see why, they aren't any different from those bundled with the app):

Version 2.4 (last stable version)

Forum (Russian):

Alternatively, you can download the lot PLUS a Getting Started user guide, which I wrote as the app starts up by default with a Russian interface and I couldn't find an English guide).

Download links for the lot(3.1 Mb, no password):
Mirrors welcome

China Finder v2.4, I discovered, is also bundled here:

A most useful and versatile app.