CodeVisionAVR 1.24.6

Posted By: Arturo Zamarripa
CodeVisionAVR 1.24.6

CodeVisionAVR 1.24.6 | 3,3 Mb

CodeVisionAVR is full set of tools designed for rapid
and efficient software development for the Atmel AVR
microcontrollers. Including:

* A full featured editor with C syntax highlighting

* A high perfomance C compiler with the following features:
- Simple accessing of the EEPROM memory area, allows you to directly place there any variable, even complex structures
- Bit level access to I/O registers
- Interrupt support
- GPIOR register support for the new chips: ATtiny2313, ATmega48/88/168
- Two memory models: TINY (8 bit data pointers for chips with up to 256 bytes of RAM) and SMALL (16 bit data pointers for chips with more than 256 bytes of RAM) for better code efficiency
- User selectable optimization for Size or Speed
- Possibility to insert assembler code directly in the C source file
- VERY EFFICIENT USE OF RAM: Constant character strings are stored only in FLASH memory and aren't copied to RAM, like in other compilers for the AVR
- C Source level debugging, with COFF symbol file generation, allows variable watching and the use of the Terminal I/O in Atmel's AVR Studio Debugger
- Fully compatible with Atmel's In-Circuit Emulators, including the popular ICE200
- Powerful optimizations:
~ Peep-hole optimizer
~ Advanced variables to register allocator, allows very efficient use of the AVR architecture
~ Common Block Soubroutine Packing, allows producing very compact code by replacing repetitive code sequences with calls to subroutines
~ Loop optimization
~ Branch optimization
~ Subroutine call optimization
~ Cross-jumping optimization
~ Constant folding
~ Store-copy optimization
~ Dead code removing optimization

- Rich set of libraries for emebedded systems:
~ Alphanumeric LCD modules
~ Philips I2C bus
~ National Semiconductor LM75 Temperature Sensor
~ Philips PCF8563, PCF8583, Dallas Semiconductor DS1302 and DS1307 Real Time Clocks
~ Dallas Semiconductor 1 Wire protocol
~ Dallas Semiconductor DS1820/DS1822 Temperature Sensors
~ Dallas Semiconductor DS1621 Thermometer/Thermostat
~ Power management
~ Delays

* A state of the art CodeWizardAVR Automatic Program Generator, allowing you to write, in a matter of minutes, all the code needed for implementing the following functions:
- External memory access setup
- Chip reset source identification
- Input/Output Port initialization
- External Interrupts initialization
- Timers/Counters initialization
- Watchdog Timer initialization
- UART initialization and interrupt driven buffered serial communication
- Analog Comparator initialization
- ADC initialization
- SPI Interface initialization
- I2C Bus,
- LM75 Temperature Sensor, DS1621 Thermometer/Thermostat initialization
- PCF8563, PCF8583, DS1302, DS1307 Real Time Clocks initialization
- 1 Wire Bus and DS1820/DS1822 Temperature Sensors initialization
- alphanumeric LCD module initialization.

* A built-in Terminal for debugging RS232, RS422, RS485 serial communication.

* An In-System AVR Chip Programmer compatible with the following development boards:
- Atmel STK500
- Kanda Systems STK200+ and STK300
- Dontronics DT006
- Vogel Elektronic VTEC-ISP
allowing automatic programming after successful compilation.

CodeVisionAVR also fully supports the Atmel AT94K10/20/40 FPSLIC devices and the STK94 development kit.