Color Pilot - the best program for color correction

Posted By: BigBrother
Среди десятков прорамм для коррекции цвета на фотографии эта отличается своей интеллигентностью. Я пользуюсь только ей. Она вытягивает практически любую фотографию. Посмотрите. Это того стоит.

Color Pilot is specifically designed for the quick and easy color correction of images.
# allows you to control color correction in a natural "language of color".
# frees you from having to match the characteristics of "color channels";
# allows you to use successful colors from other images for color correction of your image;
# helps you to attain a level of experience (using a collection of colors) that allows consistency and good results;
# allows you to process multiple images in a single color style. This feature is suited to prepare images for a Catalog;
# frees you from having to study color systems.