ColorImpact ver. 3.0

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ColorImpact ver. 3.0

ColorImpact ver. 3.0

ColorImpact is an award-winning Color Scheme Designer for Windows, combining ease-of-use with advanced features. ColorImpact offers superior integration with most popular applications for design, multimedia and web development.
ColorImpact is a professional tool for creating harmonious color schemes. The program is based on the color wheel developed by master painters of the past. With its intuitive and visual user interface, you can demonstrate color theory in action. ColorImpact is aimed at professional multimedia and web designers, but is simple to use even for beginners.

The program includes many features for quick access from Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, FrontPage etc. Several color formulas are built-in including triads, complements and analogous colors, and you can even design your own custom color formulas for exploring advanced color schemes. By selecting the right color scheme, you can convey an underlying message to strengthen your designs. Creating beautiful colors has never been easier.

Main features:
NEW: Built-in color theory tutorial - learn while having fun!
IMPROVED: Color harmonies mode - lets you experiment with the traditional color harmonies taught in art schools
NEW: Experimental color wheel for advanced color schemes
NEW: Color inspector gives you exact color values and a textual color description - useful for the visually impaired
NEW: Unlimited number of color palettes - each palette holding an unlimited number of colors
NEW: Save work area in .swf or .bmp format
NEW: Automatic online updates
NEW: Redesigned test patterns lets you test your color schemes on real designs
NEW: Flexible user interface - adapt the program to your preferences
IMPROVED: Flexible CSS export