Complex Evolution 3.2.4 - a new slim CD/DVD Burner software

Posted By: MegaTom
Complex Evolution 3.2.4 - a new slim CD/DVD Burner software

Complex Evolution 3.2.4 - a new slim CD/DVD Burner software

Complex Evolution is designed as an optimal alternative to bloatware OEM CD recorders. "Instead of expanding our product with value-added extras, we decided to focus on two requests often heard from end-users - ease of use and flexibility. I think our product addresses them both best. In the first place, it restricts the complex process of CD recording to a few mouse clicks. Obviously, this is good for ordinary users, as they can still get high quality outputs, even if they don't know the subtleties of recording technology. On the other hand, the product is appealing to power users, as its rich feature set allows them to be in full control of the burning process and its result.

Preparing a project and burning a disk is refreshingly simple. Complex Evolution allows all key options and commands, such as the type of a drive, writing speed, project settings, disk burning and erasing, to be directly accessed through the icons and combo boxes in the main window. Depending on the type of the project (audio, video, etc.), you click on the appropriate tab and open its window, where the project is displayed as a folder tree.
Then, using the built-in explorer, you add a file or several files to the project, select the drive, writing speed, and click on the "Burn" icon.
While the recording is in progress, you can view its current status at the bottom of the interface. The project burning may be even simpler than this. You can simply drag a file from the desktop, drop it on the project window and click on the "Burn" icon.

Complex Evolution Benefits at a Glance:

- No need to fork out money to useless extras. Complex Evolution is designed for creating professional-quality CD/DVD projects. Unlike similar software in the category, Complex Evolution is free from useless additions that add extra bytes to the installer and dollars to the price tag. You pay only for what you need - a quality, reliable CD burner.

- Easy for beginners, flexible for experts. The uniqueness of Complex Evolution is in its ease of use for beginners. The program lets you jumpstart a recording project in a one minute. Default settings are fine. Two mouse clicks and in a minute you hold a hot CD with photos, videos or music. However, if you are an expert, the program gives you unprecedented configuration flexibility in customizing the output settings of your disk.

- Carry it in your pocket. Complex Evolution has a small size, only 2 Mb. This means it saves your money, when you download the installer from the internet, and your disk space, when you install it onto your hard drive. And 2 Mb is very small compared to 100-Mb installer distributives of OEM CD recorders. The program is so slim, that you can install it onto a USB drive, which you can carry in your pocket whenever you go.

Complex Evolution Pricing and Availability Complex Evolution runs under all Win 32/64-bit platforms. Registered users are entitled to free upgrades and technical support. Additional information on Complex Evolution, as well as its free evaluation version is available from