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The CFA Institure ( is a global membership organization that awards the CFA® designation, CFA Institute leads the investment industry by setting the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence and vigorously advocating fair and transparent capital markets.
The CFA curriculum develops and reinforces a fundamental knowledge of investment principles. Three levels of examination, Level 1, 2 and 3, measure a candidate's ability to apply these principles at a professional level. The CFA Level 1 exam is administered twice a year, in early June and early December, however the Level 2 and 3 exams are only administered once a year in June. in more than 70 nations worldwide.
The CFA Exam is given in three levels, each with its own separate examination. Candidates must pass each level sequentially, and must fulfill other requirements of the program, before earning the right to use the CFA charter.
According the CFA Institute, the average preparation time for each level is approximately 250 hours of preparation, although prep time will vary from candidate to candidate based on familiarity with the material.
Upon initial registration, candidates have three years to take the first exam before registration expires. Candidates have a total of seven years to complete the program (pass all three levels).

CramMaster: CFA

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