CramMaster: CISCO. PART 3

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Cisco Certifications are highly coveted by IT professionals. In a recent salary survey conducted by Certification Magazine (December 2001) Cisco's CCNP had the highest entry level salary except for Oracle of over 55,000 per year of the certifications compared.
Cisco certifications focus on three general areas of expertise, network installation and support, network engineering and design, and Communications and services. Cisco also more focused certifications based upon issues such as security the recently released Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist. Within each designation are anywhere from one to several certifications required to attain that specialty, plus a consistent recertification process that ensures your skills keep pace with the industry.
Cisco has established three levels for its main certification tracks - Associate, Professional and Expert. As an example, in the CCIE track, the CCNA is the beginning, or associate level certification. As a CCNA, it is expected that you can install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN and dial access services for small networks. At the Professional, or CCNP level, it is expected that you can install, configure and operate LAN, WAN and dial access services for larger networks. At the highest level, the CCIE, A CCIE Routing and Switching expert can install, configure, and operate networks in highly complex environments with specific protocols. These are examples of Cisco's Network Installation and Support Certification track. Other tracks, with similar designations, are Network Engineering and Design Certifications (CCDA and CCDP) and Communications and Services Certifications (CCIP and CCIE Communications and Services Specialist.)
There are also further specialized certifications, called Cisco Qualified Specialist Designations such as Cable Internet Solutions, IP Telephony, Security and SNA/IP.
CramMaster: CISCO. PART 3

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