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Posted By: dane1
DANE EDIT -> Two problems have been found in the Fixes contained in my AIO. MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES !!!

I am creating a fixed AIO which will be released as soon I can create, UL and as AVAX clears it for publication. SHould be by 9 AM Friday 6th Jan 2006

You can use this AIO, but do NOT install Sophicles Until the new version.

=> and for Virtual Poet the correct serials are:



Dane's Writer's Cramps - AIO

I made an AIO for your writing pleasure.

It's packed all into one file, so U can just start the DL and not go thru that hour wait for non-premium rapidshare Free users

Dane's Writer's Cramps - AIO - 58 MB

Dramatica Pro v4.0 FAQs
Dramatica Pro v4.0 retail
Sophocles Screenwriting v1.1
Virtual Poet v1.2.0
Write Brothers Movie Magic Screenwriter v4.5.7
Writers Dream Kit v4.0

Bonus: (Many people has asked me for a WinRar tutorial, so I am going to include it in this Writer's Cramps Pak ->

58 MB


Packed with File Recovery record, if U get file corruption on DL, plz use WinRar REPAIR feature to recover the proper file.