Creature Creator Pro v 1.6 Lightwave Plugin

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Creature Creator Pro v 1.6 Lightwave Plugin
OS: Windows | rar | keygen included | compile body parts and create creatures | 6.2mb |

Creature Creator Pro v 1.6
OS: Windows
Creating humanoids, aliens, monsters, bugs, and other things that go bump in the night is an easy experience with Creature Creator. Make one-of-a-kind characters for cartoons, fantasy and sci-fi in minutes - by using any of the plugin's library of over 500 pre-defined body parts, which can be tweeked or combined in endless ways for genuine originality. Of course you can also add your own modifications and models to the library to make the possibilities with this plugin endless. If you're serious about your animations, you'll want to add Creature Creator to your toolbox.

General Features
Select the body parts that your character will consist of. You have over 500 parts to select from, and you can easily combine them by selecting from the drop down menus or stepping through them using the arrow buttons.
Everything you do will immediately be shown in real-time in the OpenGL window. The characters created will be seamless to make it easy to animate them later on.
Create unique characters quickly using the random creature options.
Select preference settings such as drawing colors, paths, and mouse handling.
Tweak and fine-tune your characters to make them exactly how you want them. When you select the part of the body you want to edit, it will be highlighted with a wireframe and you can then use the sliders to deform and modify it to fit your purposes and the look you are after.

Creature Creator Pro 1.6 - Plugin for Lightwave 3D and 3DsMax | 6.2 MB

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