The Customiser

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The Customiser

The Customiser is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with and manipulate all windows on your machine. Dialogs, scroll bars, buttons, check boxes or in fact any control, can be controlled directly by The Customiser. Any changes you make in any application can be saved permanently.
Have you ever wanted to:
·Change the text on any window or button
·Enable greyed out buttons
·Move controls within a window
·Interact directly with other applications
·Determine hidden passwords
·Find hidden buttons or other controls

The Customiser allows you to fully control windows in ways that normally only applications can. Using The Customiser allows you to interact with all applications running on your machine through The Customisers’ innovative screens or utilising the Windows Application Programming Interface (API).
At the click of a button windows can be moved, enabled, disabled or hidden. The text on any control can be changed. Any application can be customised to appear the way you want. Button clicks can be sent automatically to any window to automate repetitive processes. All changes you make can apply just for this session or saved permanently.
You can use The Customiser to move resources in dialogs in real time. Experience the power of The Customiser as you literally pick up buttons and move them.
After using this product for a while you’ll wonder how you worked productively without it.

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