CyberCafePro 5 Server & Client Full

Posted By: are3na
CyberCafePro 5 Server & Client Full

CyberCafePro 5 is complete with features to help any owner run a succesful internet cafe, Cyber Cafe, Gaming Center, or timed business. Here is a list of many of our most popular features:


CD-Key Management
Custom Key Distribution
Skinnable Client Interface
Enterprise Enabled (link multiple cafes)
Employee Management
Employee Restrictions
Reporting by Employee
Point of Sale w/ Cash Drawer Functions
* CyberCafeLite has 2 groups with a total of 80 product buttons.
Sales Reports
Bandwidth Monitoring
Cash Drawer Setup
Print Monitoring
Discount Plans
Tax Setup
Inventory System
Order System
Reservation System
CCP Client Security
Block Internet Explorer Functions
Disable File Downloading
Window Killer
Disable Hotkeys
Disable Control Panel
MSN Messenger Security

ESRB Ratings System (Electronic Ratings System Board)
Account / Timecode Mode - PrePaid - Now Barcode Scanner Friendly!!
Account Mode
Timecode Mode
Unlimited Accounts or Timecodes
Expire Accounts or Timecodes
Create Multiple Codes
Custom Pricing Grids
Grouped Accounts/Timecodes
Overtime Mode Option
End of Session Options
Play & Pay Pricing Mode (Pay after session)
Pricing Options
Basic Pricing
Bulk Pricing
Scheduled Pricing
End of Session Options
Manual Timers
Reporting & Logs
Reporting Periods
Auto-Email Reports
CCP Control Station to Client Communication
Chat System
Volume Control
Transfer Session to a Different CCP Client Computer
Timer Bar
Client Help
Easily Copy Client Program Settings
Auto-Connect CCP Client Computers
Clean Your Database
* Requires WOL Network Card
Shutdown All Computers
Reboot All Computers
End Session from the CCP Control Station
Employee Timeclock Functions
Track your employees in and out times
Language Module Editor