CyberLink VideoLive Mail ver. 4.1.0703

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CyberLink VideoLive Mail ver. 4.1.0703

CyberLink VideoLive Mail ver. 4.1.0703
OS: Windows | 7.19 Mb |

Superior Quality and Reduced File Size
* By using the Microsoft Windows Media Technologies, WMV (MPEG-4) and WMA encoding techniques, VideoLive Mail™ produces amazingly small file size videos with impeccable quality
* Supports multiple video input sources: PC cameras and TV tunner cards
* Produce video mails with impeccable quality and amazingly small file sizes, making them easier to send and saving tons of bandwidth
* Compression ratio up to 900:1 (compared to uncompressed true color video sources)
* Video and audio synchronization for better sound and image quality
* Offers you a "what you see is what you get" feel when sending video mails

No Executable File Attachments equals No Virus Concerns
* The world's first video mail software program to record and directly send video mail files in Windows Media Format
* No ".EXE" files which means no possibility of viruses.
* Recipient does not need additional software for viewing video emails

Streamable File Format
* VideoLive Mail™ creates video/audio files in Windows Media Format (formally ASF), a streamable file format
* Obliterates need to use additional programs for encoding, by creating content for Web streaming easily and hassle-free

New Graphical Interface
* VideoLive Mail™ has a new user interface that is more powerful and extremely user friendly

File Conversion Capabilities
* Converts files from a multitude of formats (AVI, MPEG, Windows Media Format ,WAV, MP3 etc.)
* Ability to convert files into various formats makes web streaming easier, file sizes smaller, and saves bandwidth

Adjustable Video and Audio Quality
* Built-in program for adjusting video resolution and encoding quality
* Maximum rates of adjustment reaches DVD-video and CD audio quality.

Easy System Configuration
* Since VideoLive Mail™ integrates several systems together, the Setup Wizard was created to get you up and running quickly in a very facile fashion
* "Wizard Button" used for guided steps to record and send Video emails Link

(7.2 Mb)