Dr. Explain ver. 2.0.60

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Dr. Explain ver. 2.0.60

Dr. Explain ver. 2.0.60 | 6.15 Mb

Dr. Explain captures windows from a live application, creates screenshots and automatically adds references to all window's controls: buttons, edit fields, radio buttons, dropdown lists, and other elements.

While other window capture tools are mostly used for image processing, Dr.Explain analyzes the structure of a window's elements, enumerates them, and attaches numbered callouts to all significant elements. You must just add some description if needed.
Keep your software documentation organized.

Keep all documentation data in a single project file. To update a certain window in the project when a new version of your software is ready you may easily replace the screenshot and add new control references. All previous references will be kept. You need not to waste your time by rearranging the entire documentation.
Export single source documentation project into multiple formats: HTML, CHM, or RTF help files with screenshots, color callouts, menus, and index page.
Your software documentation pages are ready for immediate upload onto your web server or for conversion into another help format.

Easily customize the appearance of your documentation files.
The program allows customizing the appearance of the visual elements, the structure of the menus and page layout. You can easily customize your software documentation template.

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