DAEMON Tools v4.03HE [32-Bit.&.64-Bit] PLUS awxDTools

Posted By: rtu4ZHIt
DAEMON Tools v4.03HE [32-Bit.&.64-Bit] PLUS awxDTools

DAEMON Tools v4.03HE [32-Bit.&.64-Bit] PLUS awxDTools

CD/DVD Emulator | Shell extension | 12.23 MB

This version fixed some small and not so small glitches/bugs
introduced with V4.0.0 (X86) and V4.0.1 (X64)

One blacklist fixed (a SF-Game, that behaved odd when running
from virtualdrive)

RAID-Bugs fixed, too
Some reboot-problems also fixed

Nero-issues also fixed

Additional functionality (for X86-version, X64 already contained it since very first version): Disable "Open file handle" dialog, as it seems it annoyed some users.

We herewith also confirm the latest blacklist introduced by
Securom (SeriousSam2-patch). This blacklists will not be
possible in future versions anymore (as in old 3.xx-series,
we will add feature to randomly generate names for driver-parts). As we got info about it, we couldn't fix it with
this version, but work is in progress for next release already

awxDTools v1.0.6.0:
awxDTools is a shell extension for DAEMON Tools. It adds
mount and unmount entries when you right click on a image.