Dameware Remote Control All Products

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Dameware Remote Control All Products

Dameware Remote Control All Products

DameWare NT Utilities
An enterprise system management application for Windows NT/2000/XP. It provides an integrated collection of Windows NT/2000/XP administration utilities incorporating a centralized interface for remote management of Windows NT/2000/XP Server and Windows NT/2000/XP Workstation machines.
100 User License $17,349.00

The DameWare Mini Remote Control and Exporter applications are included with the DameWare NT Utilities software suite. Both are integrated into the DNTU application or they may also be executed separately in their own stand-alone processes.
DameWare Mini Remote Control

Lightweight remote control software intended primarily for administrators and help desk personel. Developed specifically for 32-bit Windows Operating Systems for quick and easy "on the fly" deployment without requiring a reboot of the remote machine.
100 User License $5,399.00

DameWare Exporter
Provides functionality to selectively export information about various Windows NT/2000/XP Network logical and physical devices. A graphical interface enables you to browse the network for domains or machines to be included in the export process and once selected, export files can be created from the selected devices for the specified domains or machines. A dynamic status report is generated in the Message Window at the time of export that provides key feedback during the export process. Once the files have been created they can be imported into your favorite spreadsheet or database software for reporting.
100 User License $8939.00